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A dedicated Customer Success Strategy is the final piece of the revenue generation puzzle.  Statistically speaking — marketing and sales efforts only create about 75% -80% of all tangible lead generation.  So where do the remaining leads come from?   We argue that Customer Success as the source.

Creating and measuring a culture of customer satisfaction is limited in utility. Unhappy customers complain and tell others about the poor experience with your company while satisfied customers are generally just that – content and happy with your product or service. Therefore the outcome of client satisfaction is no complaints, but also no lead generation.

We believe in creating customer advocacy through designed Customer Success initiatives.  Customers need to be delighted in all facets of your business, so they go out and literally make sales calls on your behalf. They do this for your benefit and at little cost to you.  From a B2B perspective, customer success means that you actively participate as a trusted partner in your customer’s business success. By utilizing this concept, we help you develop a powerful commercialization strategy.

Customer Success directly feeds into, and becomes an extension of, your marketing and sales efforts.

Satisfying and retaining current customers is anywhere from 30 to 10 times more costly than acquiring new customers

(Source: Sales Force)

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