Revenue Operations

Align marketing, sales, and customer operations

As an emerging management discipline, Revenue Operations aligns your marketing, sales and customer efforts so that your business can realize its full revenue and profitability potential.  Optimizing your revenue operations requires effective strategic planning, resource allocation, tactical execution, and productivity evaluation across a complex mix of people, process, and data assets.  Considering all aspects of your revenue producing capacity, Atomic Revenue provides objective expertise and management bandwidth to help your leadership team accelerate business growth.

"Potential" Inspires the Most Important Business Questions

Revenue Operations Problem-Solves Answers for Profitability

Marketing and sales costs average 15% to 35% of total corporate costs.

(Source: Harvard Business Review)

Effective revenue operations assure that your combined efforts are well-organized, cost-effective, and operationally functional to produce the intended Return-on-Investment (ROI). 

What would it mean to your business if…


of all marketing leads
are not converted into sales
due to poor marketing &
sales integration.

— Marketing Sherpa


of the average salesperson’s
day is spent on
non-revenue generating activities, primarily unproductive prospecting.



reduction in customer defection rate can increase profits by 

25% to 80%

– Salesforce

Atomic Revenue does not “consult” – we partner with you to build revenue operations processes, tools, and key performance measurements that you can immediately use to accelerate profitable growth.

Revenue Operations Services for Small to Mid-Size Companies

Discipline-Specific, Industry Agnostic

Revenue Operations is a discipline which considers the people, process, and data components of how an organization utilizes resources to generate revenue.   The discipline of revenue operations applies to every entity in any industry because the underlying principles are constant.  Our clients represent diverse businesses ranging from non-profits to start-ups, from products to services, and from brick-and-mortar to digital eCommerce. 

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