When Your People Managers are not Operations Managers

Following the Map versus Creating the Map to Profitable Growth

Expecting good people managers to also be good operational strategists is like asking a good navigator to make their own map before guiding a caravan from point A to point B within a specified timeframe.  Possible, yes–probable, no.  For Tactical Revenue Operations we partner with your management team to develop the systems, tools, processes, and documentation that empower your managers to achieve more profitable results with their teams.

Financial Operations Planning

Financial Operations Planning forms the foundation for everything that any business needs, wants, or hopes to achieve. From a financial model and investor preparation, to pricing strategy and sales compensation models, the math will determine business viability while the art compels acceptance of your business rationale.


Branding Program

All too often brand is approached introspectively with documentation of mission and vision in the shell of a name and image with which your leadership team identifies. When it comes to operationalizing a brand for customer acquisition, additional factors should be considered and brand rework is an expensive risk that we help you avoid.

Core Messaging Program

Aligning marketing and sales communication of your company “value” improves lead generation, sales conversion, and average deal size. When you deliver on the “value” promises made during customer acquisition, and customer marketing reinforces your messaging, you can significantly increase the lifetime value of your customers. 

Sales Collateral Development

There are specific reasons why 90% of sales collateral developed by marketing is never used by salespeople and why sales reps on average spend 40% of their time either looking for or creating content to share with prospects.  The right collateral with the right message delivered to the right prospect at the right time improves sales conversion.

CRM Selection & Integration Plan

The integration of people, process, and data comes to a head in your CRM. An effective utilization requires planning on the front end or costly rework later. Important considerations include process alignment, system integration, communication segmentation, data strategy, procedure documentation, utilization training, and management reporting.


Digital Operations Planning

Each component within your digital presence must have its own strategy that supports every other digital element as well as every other aspect of your marketing and sales strategy.  From websites and social media to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital advertising, return on your investment (ROI) requires operational integration and alignment.


Sales Productivity Program

Salespeople of all skill levels become more productive when provided with the proper tools to efficiently advance qualified leads through the sales process. Both training and documentation must be developed for your team be more effective at opportunity qualification, discovery and requirements appraisal, and objection handling.

Sales Management Program

Being a good salesperson does not make someone a good sales manager, in fact the skillsets are entirely different.  Regardless of who you have managing your sales organization, this program will help them be more successful at using process and data to motivate, mentor, and direct a multi-person sales organization.

Channel Sales Program

Opening sales channels is the easy first step, but operationalizing channel sales productivity poses incredible challenges. Your existing sales collateral, processes, and training programs are only marginally relevant to your channel partners’ sales reps. Co-branding, commissioning, and data sharing are just a few obstacles to overcome.

Customer Marketing Plan

Are your current and former customers receiving the attention they deserve? While your marketing team focuses on new lead campaigns, your sales and account management teams struggle to maintain consistent communications.  Highly targeted campaigns, developed by marketing and delivered by sales, will expand relationships and improve retention.


What Our Clients are Saying…

The Financial Operations Model by Atomic Revenue was instrumental in gaining traction and generating revenue for our software service company. Throughout the process, our pricing structure was revised multiple times but more importantly, we grew a much better understanding of every fine detail in regards to what it cost us to provide our service and product. This perspective was crucial to making a variety of decisions about our product and how to best deliver it to the market. Continuing to use this financial model as a way to evaluate our operations has made it much easier to make evidence-based decisions on how to grow our company.

Adam Weber
Founder, Lifeblood.io
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Tara and Atomic Revenue were invaluable in our process to streamline multiple data points to provide and present the KPI reporting that really matters to Executive Management.

Nathan Nelson
Marketing Operations Director, Enterprise Bank & Trust
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Atomic Revenue has greatly impacted my work experience at OMiga, by shortening my sales ramp-up period. Their sales tools have helped me communicate real value to the 17 new clients I have on-boarded since joining OMiga only 7 months ago. I appreciate OMiga’s understanding of the importance of putting the right infrastructure in place to allow me to be successful from the start. Atomic Revenue has worked with us to create highly compelling rationale on exactly why customers should buy from us.

Jason Clark
Sales Executive, OMiga
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As good as I thought I was at sales and marketing, and I’ve been doing this for 20 years, I’ve learned through working with Atomic Revenue how little I actually knew about the integration of marketing and sales, and how much money I have wasted over the years. I look back at all the middle-market companies that I have worked for over the years and none of this revenue strategy is even on their radar.

Michael Hollingsworth
CEO & Founder, Centerprism
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One of the most valuable outcomes of our engagement with Atomic Revenue has been the Impact Declarations. Now seeing how powerful they are in collateral it is clear why Value Propositions aren’t enough.

Tom Cooper
Co-Founder & CTO, Boosterville
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