Financial Operations Planning

Financial Operations Planning for Revenue Growth

How Much Do You Need to Spend and How Much Will You Make?

Yes “it costs money to make money” but how much money can your business produce, what is your return on investment for every dollar spent in customer acquisition, and how do costs change as your business operations grow? Financial Operations Planning forms the foundation for everything that any business needs, wants, or hopes to achieve. When clients cannot identify or determine a budget for what they want to achieve or do not produce profitable results from the money they spend, we often dig back to the foundation of Financial Operations Planning to start addressing the core of these challenges.

Financial Operations Model

An effective Financial Operations Model reflects business strategy in numerical form and functions like a Management Information System that enables evidence-based decisions and scenario testing of assumptions to guide business growth. Learn more about how Atomic Revenue builds Financial Operations Models.

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Pricing Strategy

There are four factors to pricing strategy, yet most companies fail to apply all four thereby reducing profit margins, compromising competitive differentiation, and/or reducing sales conversion with their buying audience. Pricing is both an art and a science, learn more about how Atomic Revenue does pricing strategy.

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Sales Compensation Planning

Base plus variable compensation structures for sales and business development teams play a huge role in sales performance management. The right compensation plan helps to recruit, retain, and motivate top sales talent while preserving profit margins. Learn more about how Atomic Revenue does Sales Compensation Plans.

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Investor Readiness

Financial Operations Models, Business Plans, Pitch Presentations, Data Rooms, and Negotiation Training will be necessary to compete for seed capital, pursue equity investment rounds, court the private equity market, or seek bank financing. Learn more about how Atomic Revenue prepares management teams for better investment outcomes.

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What Adam has to say about Atomic Revenue...

The Financial Operations Model by Atomic Revenue was instrumental in gaining traction and generating revenue for our software service company. 




What Nathan has to say about Atomic Revenue...

Tara and Atomic Revenue were invaluable in our process to streamline multiple data points to provide and present the KPI reporting that really matters to Executive Management. Nathan Nelson

Marketing Operations Director, Enterprise Bank & Trust

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What Jason has to say about Atomic Revenue...

Atomic Revenue has greatly impacted my work experience at OMiga, by shortening my sales ramp-up period. Their sales tools have helped me communicate real value to the 17 new clients I have on-boarded since joining OMiga only 7 months ago. 

Jason Clark

Sales Executive, OMiga

What Tom has to say about Atomic Revenue...

One of the most valuable outcomes of our engagement with Atomic Revenue has been the Impact Declarations. Now seeing how powerful they are in collateral it is clear why Value Propositions aren’t enough. Tom Cooper

Co-Founder & CTO, Boosterville

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