Financial Operations Model

Financial Operations Models Guide Business Growth

Accurate Line-of-Sight Enables Evidence-Based Management Decisions

A proper Financial Operations Model assesses the true capability of your business as a revenue producing enterprise.   When done properly, financial modeling is a process that helps you understand and manage the business so that you can make effective evidence-based decisions.

Good financial models provide, at a minimum, these four insights for business leadership teams:

Process around how your business accomplishes your sales, revenue and profit result.
A budget that is authentically mapped to the cost of acquiring your customer.
Discernment around what it actually means to on-board new customers.
The ability to see the impacts of decision making in real time.


of all new businesses fail due to lack of financial planning
(Source: US Bank; Hagen Study)

The Problem with DIY Financial Models


Small businesses often approach financial modeling as a vague accounting exercise rife with best guesstimate “plugin” figures resulting in woefully inaccurate outputs. This is simply dangerous. A combination of operational expertise in finance, marketing, and sales is required to guide accurate revenue, cost, and customer acquisition projections. With this insight, you can confidently make evidence-based decisions about your business that won’t sink your business.

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of new businesses fail due to poor cash flow and management skills.
(Source: US Bank; Hagen Study)

Financial Operations Modeling by Atomic Revenue

Understand. Plan. Execute. Analyze. Optimize.

We are not accountants, and that is exactly the point.  We treat financial modeling as a budgetary management exercise.  We leave the accounting to your accountant.

Good financial models provide, at a minimum, these four insights for business leadership teams:

Accurate Price/Cost Calculations

Dynamically test the impact of pricing scenarios on revenue, cost and profit projections.

Requirements-Based Pricing

Accomplish this critical element of pricing strategy that is only possible with an accurate financial model.

Acquisition Modeling

Visualize how your assumptions and scenarios impact every other aspect of your financial plan.


Test the decision-making behind marketing and sales spend within the context of monthly cash flow capacity.

What Adam has to say about Atomic Revenue...

The Financial Operations Model by Atomic Revenue was instrumental in gaining traction and generating revenue for our software service company. 




What Nathan has to say about Atomic Revenue...

Tara and Atomic Revenue were invaluable in our process to streamline multiple data points to provide and present the KPI reporting that really matters to Executive Management. Nathan Nelson

Marketing Operations Director, Enterprise Bank & Trust

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What Jason has to say about Atomic Revenue...

Atomic Revenue has greatly impacted my work experience at OMiga, by shortening my sales ramp-up period. Their sales tools have helped me communicate real value to the 17 new clients I have on-boarded since joining OMiga only 7 months ago. 

Jason Clark

Sales Executive, OMiga

What Tom has to say about Atomic Revenue...

One of the most valuable outcomes of our engagement with Atomic Revenue has been the Impact Declarations. Now seeing how powerful they are in collateral it is clear why Value Propositions aren’t enough. Tom Cooper

Co-Founder & CTO, Boosterville

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